Student Name: Eylem T.

During my studies at ANGAD in Melbourne, I have met many likeminded individuals from whom I have gained extremely useful ideas and information. This combined with the ANGAD’s trainers’ approachability and care for my specific learning needs (I already have my own business), made a whole lot of a difference to my personal, business and academic development.

My teacher always made sure we had understood what he was teaching, and he really helped me to be a good student.

My experience is that the ANGAD Institute helps students to progress and at the same time it gives them a solid grounding and confidence to pioneer in their future endeavours.

Student: Darshan K.

I enrolled to study an Advanced Diploma of Management because I wanted to become familiar with the western management environment. I have a dream to open my own Personal Care company in Australia.

The really great thing about the management program offered at ANGAD is that it has allowed me to customize my course to fit my own interests, and the flexibility of the program fits well into my existing work schedule and work commitments. I’m working part time in aged care while I’m studying.

The facilities at Angad are excellent and the training provided is second to none. I am really grateful to my trainer, who is very helpful, patient and caring.

Student Name: David P.

I’m from Mauritius and I’m really enjoying studying in Australia with ANGAD Institute. I chose to study Marketing because I like interacting with people and I’m quite creative. Actually, after I complete my Certificate course, I’m hoping to enrol in ANGAD’s Diploma of Marketing. I think having these two qualifications will help me get a really good job.

Because I am an international student, I have to work hard to achieve my study goals as fast as possible. At ANGAD, there’s everything I need –including really helpful lecturers and the latest computers to work on. My trainers are helping me a lot. I know they really want me to succeed.

Student : Aparna R. K.

I think the Advanced Diploma of Management programme is awesome”.
My ANGAD trainer, Rohit, is so supportive and ready to help me in any way he can.

I have gained valuable insight into how the management system works; especially how to develop and implement a new business plan. This is really important to me, because I own a small food services business here in Australia, and I am able to implement the skills and knowledge I am gaining in my business. It is really making a difference.

Student : Niterdra K.

My Advanced Diploma of Management experience at the ANGAD Institute changed my management outlook and structured my thinking process. The campus facilities, staff/faculty contributions and participative class discussions all made the experience an invaluable learning process. Our lecturers encourage us a lot and are available to help us if we need extra support. The hard work is worth it.

I would strongly recommend the ANGAD Advanced Diploma of Management program to all of those seeking flexibility, practical learning, support and exposure to a broader management environment. It’s very affordable, too, and that’s important for many of us.