At Angad Australian Institute of Technology, we believe that it is important to create a welcoming, nurturing atmosphere where students can not only learn, but also feel at home. We pay attention to details when it comes to providing quality training infrastructure to our students. We have handpicked all our physical resources to ensure they stand high on our own quality benchmarks.

Modern Classrooms
In sync with modern times, the Institute has spacious air-conditioned classrooms with natural light and views of the city. There are overhead data projectors installed for classroom presentations.

Computer Laboratories
The students have access to computers equipped with latest hardware and software to encourage high quality learning. These computer labs have access to web and e-mail.

Amenities Room
Student amenities room is well equipped with kettles, microwave, vending machine and fridge.

Counselling Services
We guide and support our Students by giving them access to expert Student Counsellors to help students resolve concerns about their studies, career and personal lives.

Recreational Activities
To make learning a pleasure, staff organise social events that allow all students to mingle and socialise. These events range from cultural and sightseeing events, to dinners, excursions and sporting events.