Modern Melbourne Melbourne is a vibrant and beautiful city. It has been judged to be one of the most liveable cities in the world, with a mixture of modern architectural wonders, along with elegant buildings, meticulously preserved from long ago. It is home to almost 3.7 million people, who come to live in Australia from every corner of the world. People feel safe in Melbourne, where it is easy to live, study and work in comfort and harmony.


Melbourne is truly a multicultural city, and there’s something exciting to make everyone feel welcome. There are hundreds of street cafés and restaurants offering food from all over the world to suit every taste and budget. People enjoy an outdoor life, with many arts, ethnic and sports festivals, as well as beautiful parks, beaches, rivers and snowfields to enjoy – all within easy reach of the city. There are many markets and fairs all over the city and suburbs where wonderful food, arts and crafts can be enjoyed.


People who don’t live in Melbourne like to make fun of the weather. They say Melbourne can have four seasons in one day! The reality is that Melbourne has a comfortable climate – mostly warm and dry in the summer and cold and sometimes wet in the winter. Many people say that Melbourne in autumn is something extra special. That’s a time when the street trees present a spectacular pattern of gold, green, red and orange, and the days are cool and sunny. It’s absolutely magnificent to be in Melbourne in autumn.


As well as being the business centre of Victoria, the city of Melbourne is full of large shops and interesting boutiques. It’s the fashion capital of Australia. In the nearby suburbs are hundreds of smaller shopping centres, and a few huge ones. Melbourne is famous for its many “surprises”, to be found in little shopping centres. You could go to a different café every day of the week, and not be in the same one twice – but everyone has their own favourites. There are several huge markets right near the city, where a wonderful array of cheap clothing, fresh food straight from the farm, computer goods, garden supplies, pets – just about everything you can imagine – are sold.


There’s no doubt about it! Melbourne people are sports mad. There are plenty of local sports clubs, gyms, indoor sports arenas, parks and fitness tracks that international students can enjoy. There aren’t too many people from Melbourne who don’t follow a football club. It’s a passion, and the results of the Saturday football match is the subject of many a conversation at work on Mondays. Melbourne also hosts major events that attract people from all over the world – like the Australian Tennis Open, the Formula One Grand Prix, the Spring Racing Carnival, Basketball and Cricket!


It’s easy, safe and cheap to get around in Melbourne. There are the famous Melbourne trams, running up and down the city and throughout the suburbs, comfortable trains and buses as well. Many people choose to travel by car or bicycle, though parking your car in the city can be a bit of a challenge at times!


The city of Melbourne is full of apartments in tall buildings. These days, it’s the fashion to live in the heart of the city. The suburbs of Melbourne spread for many kilometres from the city and there, people live in family homes with pretty gardens, units or blocks of flats. The costs vary greatly, depending on where they are, the size and the construction. There are many student apartments in the city and in the nearby suburbs. Students visiting Melbourne to study choose between living in student accommodation, share houses or living with families in “homestay” accommodation. Since Melbourne is a centre for international education, there are plenty of different options available for international students.