Course Details:

  • Course Code: SIT30816
  • CRICOS Course Code: 093366M
  • Course Duration: 52 weeks

Angad’s Diploma of Leadership & Management will prepare you for a wide range of attractive positions in business, industry, and government. The business sector provides successful students with a wide variety of career opportunities. The course has national accreditation, which is recognised throughout Australia.

Diploma of Leadership & Management graduates can apply across the wide range of Industries in the following roles:

  • Office Manager
  • Office Administrator
  • Supervisor
  • Team Leader

To gain entry into this course, participants should have successfully completed year 12 or equivalent level of studies.

  • Age Requirement:
    Students must be of 18 years of age to apply.
  • English Language Entry Requirements:
    An IELTS score of 5.5 or equivalent is required for entry into this program. However if a student has an IELTS score of 5.0, the student will be required to complete an English Language course to achieve the required standard prior to commencement of the course..
  • Pre-Training Review
    Every learner must go through a Pre-Training Review (PTR) Process. The PTR process includes a PTR form, mandatory LLN Test and a computer self-assessment test which is reviewed by the Student Support Services team (Student Support Officer, LLN Support Officer, Trainer and Assessor & the Training Manager). The Pre-Training Review process ensures that educational and support needs of every learner are determined and that the learner is placed into a suitable course based on their career goals, interests, skills and knowledge assessed. The completed form must be submitted to Student Support Services at Level 6, 501 Latrobe Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000.

The total tuition fee for the complete course is AUD 10400.00. At the time of enrolment the student has to pay AUD 11200.00 {Tuition Fees (AUD 10400.00) + Enrollment Fees (AUD 200) + Material Fees (AUD 600)}.

This course is delivered in a classroom-based environment with practical requirements simulated to reflect the training requirements. The delivery of training will // include a mixture of face-to-face teaching, lectures, workshop delivery, group discussions, and individual research.
  • The assessment process will // include oral, written and practical presentations, and real life simulations.

    Aims of Faculty of Business

  • Enhance student learning through a wide variety of methods.
  • Develop competencies for the pursuit of further academic work and success in the world of business.
  • Foster an understanding of global situations and influences and an appreciation of the values and perspectives of other cultures and societies.

3 units must be completed:
14 core units
19 elective units, consisting of:
1 unit from Group A
1 unit from Group B
11 units from Group C
6 units from Group C, Group D, elsewhere in the SIT Training Package, or any other current Training Package or accredited course.


Unit Code / Unit TitleCore/Electives
SITXGLC002 Identiy and manage leagal risk and comply with lawCore
SITXFIN009 – Manage finances within a budget Core
SITXMGT004 Monitor work operationsCore
SITXHRM009 – Lead and manage people Core
SITXCCS016 Develop and manage quality customer service practices Core
SITXMGT005 Establish and conduct business relationships Core
SITXFIN010 Prepare and monitor budgets Core
SITXHRM0012 Monitor staff performance Core
BSBFIN601 – Manage organisational finances Core
BSBOPS601 – Develop and implement business plans Core
SITXHRM010 – Recruit, select and induct staff Core
SITXMPR014 – Develop and implement marketing strategies Core
SITXFIN011 – Manage physical assets Core
SITXWHS008 – Establish and maintain a work health and safety system Core
SITXFSA006 – Participate in safe food handling practices Electives
BSBTWK501 – Lead diversity and inclusion Electives
SITXCOM010 – Manage conflict Electives
SITHIND006 – Source and use information on the hospitality industry Electives
SITXFSA005 – Use hygienic practices for food safety Electives
BSBOPS502 – Manage business operational plans Electives
SITHCCC029* – Prepare stocks, sauces and soups Electives
SITHCCC027* Prepare dishes using basic methods of cookery Electives
SITHCCC023* Use food preparation equipment Electives
SITHCCC028* – Prepare appetisers and salads Electives
SITHCCC036* – Prepare meat dishesElectives
SITHCCC030* Prepare vegetable, fruit, eggs and farinaceous dishes Electives
SITHCCC035* Prepare poultry dishes Electives
SITHCCC042* – Prepare food to meet special dietary requirements Electives
SITHCCC025* – Prepare and present sandwiches Electives
SITHCCC037* – Prepare seafood dishes Electives
SITHCCC041* – Produce cakes, pastries and breads Electives
SITHPAT016* – Produce desserts Electives
SITHCCC043* Work effectively as a cook Electives

Students may be granted RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) or Credit Transfer if they are able to demonstrate that they have achieved the level of skills and knowledge equivalent to the unit they seek credit for through work experience, through life experiences or similar study at another institution. Students can apply for credit transfer or RPL at the time of enrolment.

Applicants applying for RPL/CT should submit the RPL/CT application along with their original supporting documents to Student Administration.

Where RPL is being applied, the student must submit all relevant evidence of work experience and where learning has occurred.

A Credit Transfer application must be accompanied by Nationally Recognized Certificates with detailed Statement of Attainments indicating the units successfully completed including unit codes and titles and dates of completion.

Credit Transfer may also include credit transfer based on formal learning that is outside the AQF.
If a student is not able to meet the minimum entry requirements but considers they have the skills and experience to succeed in the course, they may apply to ANGAD Australian Institute of Technology for special consideration for entry.